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On a current journey to my favored neighborhood antiquarians right here in Austin, I came across a stunning ceramic flower holder.

Interest came to a head, I located the closest staff as well as asked about the item.The staff informed me that the item dated from “around the turn of the 20 th Century”, as well as included “Art Deco Styling”.Hmmm … warning.Why, you ask?

Experts concur– Art Deco Style straight came down from the globalization of the imaginative as well as house decoration markets, primarily due to a revival in American passion in French (as well as various other European) patterns throughout the innovative arts.If you have actually seen French cities like Montmarte (where the international language movie Amelie occurs), I’m certain you saw the kinds of paint recreations marketed in neighborhood stores, primarily developed by the renowned French musician Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

Toulouse-Lautrec was an “stereotypical bohemian musician” that resided in Montmarte (a Parisian suburban area) as well as produced Impressionist art throughout the belle epoque, or “stunning age” of Paris, approximately throughout the 1890’s.Henri is best recognized for his dance, streaming women kinds, as well as typically repainted ad posters for the well known cabaret, Moulin Rouge (where he repainted among his most adored jobs).

This design is taken into consideration Art Nouveau

The Impressionists throughout the late 19 th Century commemorated not just a solid womanly visual, yet the kinds of blooming blossoms as well as various other natural environments (keep in mind Monet’s Lilypads, Renoir’s Sisters at a Piano, etc).

The pastel, practically over cast as well as soft nature of the Impressionists hemorrhaged right into Art Nouveau ceramic, glasswork, as well as design quickly, as well as the the category names are taken into consideration rather compatible.The item in the vintages store included restrained shades as well as sweeping, womanly contours, along with numerous apparent responds to nature in the flower holder’s Impressionistic flower as well as animals art work.

So, I nicely remedied the shop staff. I was rather certain that the flower holder concerned pre-dated the Art Deco age by a minimum of 10 years, utilizing the above disagreement.However, the shop staff was still not persuaded.No stresses!

I asked the staff to transform the flower holder over, so we might seek a “born-on day”.With ceramic flower holders, this is instead simple to locate, typically, as well as indeed– there it was.My evidence.


Art Deco really did not formally start up until the 1920’s, as well as grew from the Great Depression up until WWII. In reality, the name originates from a 1925 Exposition “Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes” which included the brand-new premium Parisian ” design moderne”.Artists throughout this moment avoided the Impressionistic, soft florals as well as pastels of the Art Nouveau duration as well as rather, started accepting Cubism, Futurism, as well as Neo-Classisism designs.

As intriguing as I located this specific flower holder, I passed it by because it really did not satisfy my specific requirements.The shop staff in fact thanked me for the info as well as used to remove my e-mail if she saw anything been available in that may intrigue me– that makes my pursuit for wonderful Art Deco items that a lot easier.

As a recommendation, right here’s the collection of inquiries I ask myself when going shopping especially for Art Deco Vases:

  • Question 1: Is the total form geometric (square, oblong, rounded, angular)?
  • Question 2: Are the shades vibrant or strong (no pastels)?
  • Question 3: Is the total style modern-day, commercial, as well as/ or ” advanced” (not soft, wayward, as well as womanly)?
  • Question 4: Is there a “born-on-date” that reveals a year in between 1920-1945?
  • Question 5: Is it appealing? (really one of the most essential inquiry!)

If the solution to every one of these inquiries is YES, after that you have actually located on your own an item of Art Deco background!

I’d like to listen to several of your tales.Please leave an individual purchasing experience in the remarks.Enjoy, as well as best of luck!