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Paul Anthony and Charles-Philippe of Bespoke Unit talk about our favorite travel humidors. Watch our video for our recommendations on portable cigar storage for any situation!


Boveda bag (Cheapest option):

Cigar Caddy 3540 (Excellent seal, waterproof):

Xikar 50-80 (Large capacity):

Amancy Leather (Affordable, wood-lined):

Davidoff Travel Humidor (Luxury option):

Lagute Travel Humidor (Spanish cedar-lined):

Boveda 2-way humidification packs:


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Best Travel Humidors: Our Top Ways To Take Cigars With You

Depending on where you’re traveling, your needs will vary when it comes to travel humidors. If you’re on a business trip, a luxury case will suit your needs. However, on a long trip, you may need a larger case. If you’re just going to the golf course, a smaller 5-stick herf-a-dor may suffice. Finally, if you want to save space, a Boveda bag will minimize bulk.

Overall, you’ll always need an airtight seal to maintain relative humidity

[01:27] Air Exchange & Humidification:

Humidification depends on how much air escapes from the humidor. For styles that allow more air exchange, like herf-a-dors or zipper-closed humidors, a higher RH Boveda pack works well. Where a Cigar Caddy will take regular 65% packs, less airtight options may need 72% for the same humidification.

[02:10] Impact & Crush Protection:

A rigid, well-cushioned case like the Cigar Caddy will offer more protection from impact & crushing. It also provides another advantage; because of its excellent seal, it’s somewhat waterproof and will float in water.

[02:39] Best Short-Trip Option:

For short trips like picnics, Boveda humidor bags are easy and effective.

[03:44] Professional Option:

If you’re going to a business meeting, something like the Davidoff Travel Humidor is excellent.

It’s a great conversation piece, with space for your cigar scissors and lighter. The Colibri here has similar advantages.

[04:07] Cigar Movement:

Bringing a humidor in your luggage will mean your cigars could get jostled around a lot.

While the Amancy Leather is good in other respects, the lack of cushioning means your cigars will roll around freely. Meanwhile, form-fitting cushions like in the Xikar 50-80 prevent your cigars from moving around during transit.

Of course, even with options like the Amancy Leather, you can insert enough cigars so there’s no room to move.

[04:32] Analyzing Your Needs:

Ultimately, it all depends on your use case.

Taken in luggage, cigars may move around a lot. The boot of a car is relatively safe, while crushing is a consideration if you’re taking cigars in a backpack. However, if you’re backpacking, space is a limitation, so a smaller herf-a-dor is a good bet.

[05:32] Conclusion

Budget is a another consideration, since these solutions range from under ten dollars to hundreds.

Some of the travel humidors here have wood interiors; while this has its own benefits, it adds another consideration.

Because wood dries out over time, a humidor like the Amancy or Lagute will require re-seasoning before use. Otherwise, the dried-out wood may unexpectedly dessicate your cigars. Fortunately, small humidors like these can simply be kept in a humidor bag when you’re at home.

For more in-depth information, visit our Travel Humidors page in the link above!

We’re always open to discuss the topics we cover, and answer questions you may have on cigars or other subjects.

REMEMBER to comment! What travel humidor do you use? Also, suggest any other cigar storage topic you’d like us to feature on Bespoke Unit!


The Bespoke Unit Team


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Best Travel Humidors: Our Top Ways To Take Cigars With You

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