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September 14, 2023

Grace Ebert

Two moths are surrounded by flowers on a beige backdrop

All images © Żaneta Antosik, shared with permission

From her studio in Rawa Mazowiecka, Poland, Żaneta Antosik turns her eye toward the delicacies of the natural world as she renders the soft, frail forms of plants and insects. The artist primarily works digitally, sometimes beginning with a simple sketch on paper but often drawing directly in Procreate. Rendered on black or beige backdrops to reference a night sky or daytime light, each piece pays particular attention to the minuscule details, whether the tufted body of a moth or the speckled sepals of a poppy flower.

Evoking entomological displays found in attics or buried in archival collections, the renderings are tinged with nostalgia and an antique feel, as if they’d just been relieved of a thick layer. “I like objects with soul, old cinema, the world of Van Gogh and Pieter Bruegel,” she tells Colossal. ” I feel best in contact with nature. I was inspired to create a series with moths and butterflies by the beauty of these mysterious, small, and fragile creatures, which are extremely graceful models.”

Antosik sells prints and cards on Etsy, and you can follow her latest botanical and entomological renderings on Behance and Instagram.


Two moths are surrounded by flowers on a black backdrop

Three moths are surrounded by red lowers on a black backdrop

Green leaves sprout from a moth on a black backdrop

nine vibrant moths and butterflies displayed on a beige backdrop

red and white flowers surround a butterfly silhouette with complementary florals on its body

yellow flowers surround three moths on a brown and black backdrop

ten moths with muted, jewel tones are arranged for display on a black backdrop



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