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Every year, we hear about new design trends, but incorporating them into your home requires a delicate balance between living comfortably in your current space and embracing new ideas. Furthermore, many of the new design trends are so impractical and expensive that only a designer would know how to approach them.

This is a list of new design trends for 2024 that we chose based on their ease of implementation. From wallpapering a focal wall to painting your room a bold new color, these design trends are quick, simple, and do not require extensive DIY experience.

Embrace What You LoveEmbrace What You Love

So, add a new piece of trending furniture to your living room or wallpaper the back of a bookshelf, but the most important goal is to feel at ease in your own home while updating its style as you see fit.

Add More Natural Materials

Add More Natural MaterialsAdd More Natural Materials
Jennifer Robin Interiors

Incorporating natural materials into your interior design has been an ongoing trend that will remain strong through 2024. Natural materials not only give your space an authentic appearance, but they also promote a harmonious connection to the outdoors, which is good for your soul.

Increase the number of natural products in your home by incorporating more houseplants and authentic wooden or natural stone furnishings. If you are not ready to replace your furniture, start by adding decor made of wood, stone, and bamboo. Natural grass baskets are ideal for adding storage while also providing a natural look. Fill them with natural textiles, such as light cotton throws and nubby wool blankets, for easy comfort.

Increase Natural Light

Increase Natural LightIncrease Natural Light

Sunlight is always in style, but in 2024, people are embracing it in their living spaces. Sunlight not only improves your mood and health, but it also creates positive energy in your home.

To bring more light into your space, choose sheer or light-colored window treatments over black-out shades in common areas where privacy is less important. Some people are even doing without window treatments altogether.

Make sure to clean your windows on a regular basis to allow as much sunlight as possible through them.

Add Wallpaper in Small Spaces

Add Wallpaper in Small SpacesAdd Wallpaper in Small Spaces
Nystrom Design

Adding wallpaper to a small space like a hallway or to the back of a bookcase can be a surprisingly transformative design choice. The bold and graphical nature of wallpaper has an outsized impact, even in small doses. You can also use wallpaper to create a focal wall in a bedroom, living room, or dining room to easily transform your space.

Modified stripes, English heritage prints, botanicals, and retro prints are popular wallpaper design choices for 2024.

Invest in Statement Lighting

Invest in Statement LightingInvest in Statement Lighting
Michael Del Piero Good Design

A single lighting fixture can transform the look and feel of a room. Choose one piece of statement lighting, such as a chandelier or pendant light in the dining room, or a pair of distinctive table lamps for the living room or bedroom. Chandeliers or pendant lights made of natural materials, such as rattan, clay, or wood, are on trend for 2024. One simple way to update your space is to add sculptural lamps that give it an artistic feel.

Create Better Flow

Create Better FlowCreate Better Flow
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Furniture arrangements that produce a more organic and natural flow are trending in 2024. This is excellent feng shui in addition to improving traffic flow and cohesiveness in the design. A curved sofa, a chaise, or a round coffee table are examples of soft, curvilinear furniture shapes that have become popular. Compared to the sharp angles of square and rectangular arrangements, these pieces will result in a more organic arrangement that resembles the natural environment.

Mix in Vintage Finds

Mix in Vintage FindsMix in Vintage Finds
Antonio Martins Interior Design

An easy yet effective way to add more authenticity to your interior design is to layer vintage pieces into your furniture and decor. The juxtaposition of contemporary, modern, and vintage pieces is visually appealing and adds emotional depth.

It also allows you to curate your furniture and decor over time, rather than purchasing everything at once. Take the time to invest in items that you love so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Layer Metal Finishes

Layer Metal FinishesLayer Metal Finishes
Martha O’Hara Interiors

Mixing different metal finishes has been a growing trend for several years, but it will become more mainstream in 2024. Layering metals can give your space depth, visual interest, and a sophisticated look.

Mixing metals in your home requires careful consideration. Most experts recommend choosing just two metals rather than attempting to mix many different colors and finishes. Select one dominant metal and then add touches of another metal.

Brass pairs well with the warm silver of polished nickel, as do the cool tones of chrome and flat black.

Subdued Elegance

Subdued EleganceSubdued Elegance
Urban Casa

The trend towards quiet luxury and sophistication is ideal for making our homes more inviting and comfortable. One key strategy for achieving subdued elegance in your home is to use a muted color palette of soft blues, beiges, and greens to provide a sophisticated backdrop for other pieces.

As you choose new pieces of furniture for your space, opt for classic pieces with simple lines and avoid flashy or overly trendy pieces. Look for quality finishes and upholstery that contribute to the look of luxury without being ostentatious. Choose a few pieces of statement wall art and decor that will add interest without overwhelming the space.

Try a Warm Earthy Color Palette

Try a Warm Earthy Color PaletteTry a Warm Earthy Color Palette
Truss Interiors & Renovations

Like the other nature-inspired trends in 2024, warm and earthy colors are becoming increasingly popular. Select colors that reflect the moody and mysterious side of Mother Nature, such as deep greens, browns, blues, and burgundy.

Pair these colors with warm neutrals like ivory, bone, and beige to create a more subdued palette. This new color scheme can be applied to cabinetry, wood paneling, and furniture upholstery in addition to the walls.

Establish a Personal Retreat Space

Establish a Personal Retreat SpaceEstablish a Personal Retreat Space
Shelter Residential

Make your own spaces for personal retreats so you can indulge in comfort at home instead of going elsewhere. Make a spare room into a place to exercise or meditate, or design a spa-like bathroom to help you unwind.

You can opt for simpler décor in these areas since overly vibrant colors and embellishments may cause too much distraction. Incorporate sensory-enhancing elements such as soft cushions, throws, and diffusers.

Layer soft lighting with candles and lamps. Establish a ritual in this space that allows you to let your guard down and relax. Try to limit your use of technology so that you can be truly alone and present for whatever your time brings.

Enhance Your Home’s Sustainability

Enhance Your Home’s SustainabilityEnhance Your Home’s Sustainability
Mihaly Slocombe

Sustainable and green living are more popular than ever, but that is not the only reason to adopt these practices. Many of them result in a healthier and more efficient home. While these practices cannot be implemented as quickly as some of the other new design trends, they are a worthwhile goal with high returns.

As you begin to replace furniture and decor in your home, look for options made from recycled, renewable, or reclaimed materials such as bamboo, cork, recycled metal, and reclaimed wood. Another excellent option is to purchase your items from local producers rather than big box retailers. Opt for low VOC paint and adhesives,which will improve air quality. Replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs or CFLs to cut your energy consumption. Embrace a minimalist lifestyle by decluttering your space and being content with open spaces rather than trying to fill every corner.

Go Bold

Go BoldGo Bold
Matt White Custom Home

If you have been playing it safe with your interior design and are ready for a change, 2024 is the year to try something new. There is definitely a maximalism trend in the air, but if you do not think you can pull off this look right now, choose just one element to make a dramatic statement. You might choose a striking light feature, a vibrant color for your walls, or a large piece of statement wall art; just one bold move will give your room an instant reboot for the new year.

Embrace What You Love

Embrace What You LoveEmbrace What You Love
Lucy Interior Design

Interior design in 2024 has become more personal, making it more important than ever to embrace the style and colors that reflect your personality and preferences. If you are unsure of your personal style, take the time to explore various styles and decor options to see what appeals to you. Develop a plan for rooms where you want to shift the style or colors.

As you start shopping for furniture for your space, stick to your design plan. This style transformation does not have to be completed quickly. Instead, create a more unique and authentic home space by choosing pieces that can be mixed and layered over time.