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A popular new trend in home improvement is remodeling bathrooms with jetted showers. A jetted shower not only gives you a place to do the everyday bathing task, but will become your new home spa escape to unwind after a hard day. These jetted bathroom showers can also come with optional steam kits, bringing the spa to you. If you go for the jetted shower with steam, you will be upgrading your bathroom to the highest standard of luxury available on the market, and this will also increase the value of your home. However, the jetted shower panel alone with a brilliant new shower enclosure and shower tray is enough to make anyone say “Wow!” after being a guest in your home.

There are a variety of jetted showers you can choose from to create the dream bathroom you’ve always wanted. A jetted shower usually comes as a complete shower package, including a new shower column with adjustable body water jets, a shower tray, and a beautiful glass or acrylic shower enclosure. Of course, there are different options depending on the shower column you choose, but these jetted bathroom showers are a luxurious escape no matter which style you choose. There are jetted shower models with a “rain” showerhead built into the top of the enclosure, a jetted shower panel, a hand held personal showerhead attached to the column, and possible a steam kit to turn your jetted shower into your own steam room.

Jetted showers are the way to go if you are remodeling your bathroom, because if you’re going to invest in a new shower for yourself or you want to upgrade your home for a resale, the jetted shower will pay for itself. A luxurious jetted shower will give you a hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours of ultimate relaxation during its lifetime in your bathroom, and what price can you really place on that? Also, if you are fixing up your home to put it on the market, then these jetted bathroom showers can really increase the value of your home and you’ll get far more in return for this bathroom upgrade than you paid for it. No matter what, a jetted shower panel and a new enclosure is a fantastic luxury upgrade for your home, and you will benefit from taking the time to put in a little nicer jetted shower than the standard one.

So when you are thinking about that all important home improvement project for yourself or for the added value in your home resale, then feel good about splurging on jetted showers for your bathrooms. The bathroom is a room that will give you a high return if you invest on a remodel before selling, or you will get to enjoy the personal spa you create for your dream bathroom yourself. You will get all the luxurious options that come with these top of the line bathroom showers, and the hours of relaxation you will get from your jetted shower panel will be well worth it. Or, the return you will get on this investment in your home sale price, especially if you get a jetted shower with steaming capability will pay for itself and then some.

Source by Jane Worthington