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This video gives a taster of our exclusively designed luxury furniture.
Leberta London specialises in high end, luxury residential and commercial interiors. We have broadened our luxury collections by collaborating and becoming the exclusive supplier in the UK for the premium brand Villa Pamir products. Each piece of the collection is carefully designed by Architect Pamir Vefkioğlu. Villa Pamir’s limited edition furniture indicates the uniqueness of the piece, ensuring the authenticity, which will endure over time and become an iconic piece and reference style throughout the years. Additionally, we provide Turnkey projects to residential & commercial properties. You have a choice of purchasing the products as seen on our website or our staff will ensure you have the perfect bespoke solution to suit you, your home & business lifestyle. Browse through some of our past supreme projects and luxury furniture and contact us if anything entices you to discuss further and we will be thrilled to offer our unique friendly service in creating a lavish living space or commercial projects. [email protected]