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Beverly Hills is residence to the celebrities and also the place of several of one of the most costly ultra-luxury houses we have actually ever before seen right here on the Fantasy Dream Homes network. Starting at $8 MILLION and also rising to a tremendous $129 MILLION, these 7 houses will certainly deserve the online trip.

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Featured Architect: Paul McClean of McCleanDesign

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House # 1.
USD 4,250,000
CAD 5.6 M.
AUD 6.2 MM.
EUR 3.8 M.
NZD 6.5 M.
GBP 3.2 M.
CHF 4.2 M.

5 rooms.
6 complete restrooms.
0 fifty percent restrooms (lavatory).
Interior room: 5,633 sq ft.
/619 sq mts.
Lot dimension:.61 acres.
/ 2,488 sq mts.
Built day:1986

House # 2.
USD 15,500,000
CAD 15.3 M.
AUD 22.6 M.
EUR 14.0 M.
NZD 23.6 M.
GBP 11.8 M.
CHF 15.3 M.

6 rooms.
8 complete restrooms.
2 fifty percent restrooms (lavatory).
Interior room: 9,820 sq ft.
/912 sq mts.
Lot dimension: 11,681 sq ft.
/ 1,085 sq mts.
Built day:2019

House # 3.
USD 22,500,000
CAD 22.3 M.
AUD 33.0 M.
EUR 20.3 M.
NZD 34.2 M.
GBP 17.1 M.
CHF 22.3 M.

9 rooms.
10 complete restrooms.
5 fifty percent restrooms (lavatory).
Interior room: 15,000 sq ft.
/428 sq mts.
Lot dimension: 1.4 acres.
/ 5,590 sq mts.
Built day:1941

House # 4.
USD 22,980,000
CAD 30.5 M.
AUD 33.6 M.
EUR 20.8 M.
NZD 35.0 M.
GBP 17.5 M.
CHF 30.5 M.

5 rooms.
7 complete restrooms.
1 fifty percent restrooms (lavatory).
Interior room: 10,050 sq ft.
/934 sq mts.
Lot dimension: 3.9 acres.
/ 1.6 hectares.
Built day:1991

House # 5.
USD 36,000,000
CAD 47.7 M.
AUD 52.6 M.
EUR 32.6 M.
NZD 54.8 M.
GBP 27.4 M.
CHF 35.6 M.

8 rooms.
11 complete restrooms.
0 fifty percent restrooms (lavatory).
Interior room: 11,000 sq ft.
/ 1,022 sq mts.
Lot dimension: 1.99 acres.
/8093 sq mts.
Built day:1974

House # 6.
USD 59,995,000
CAD 80.0 M.
AUD 87.7 M.
EUR 54.2 M.
NZD 91.3 M.
GBP 45.7 M.
CHF 59.4 M.

7 rooms.
7 complete restrooms.
4 fifty percent restrooms (lavatory).
Interior room:Unknown
Lot dimension: 1.04 acres.
/ 4,230 sq mts.
Built day:2018
Paul McCleanArchitect

House # 7.
USD 129,000,000
CAD 171.0 M.
AUD 188.6 M.
EUR 116.6 M.
NZD 196.4 M.
GBP 98.2 M.
CHF 127.7 M.

12 rooms.
16 complete restrooms.
7 fifty percent restrooms (lavatory).
Interior room: 50,000 sq ft.
/ 4,645 sq mts.
Lot dimension: 24.86 acres.
/101 hectares.
Built day:2002

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