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Sliding mirrored closet doors will enlarge and brighten your room. You can also widen and brighten your entry hall by using them for your entry hall closets.

Mirrors create the illusion of bigger space so your room or your entry hall appears bigger or wider when you install these type of doors.

Sliding or bypass closet doors are also now offered in do-it-yourself kits so you do not have to hire someone to install them for you if you have been doing some projects in your home.

Sliding doors are even easier to install than bi-fold doors. When installing sliding doors, you just need to install a bottom and top track. When installing the bi-fold version, you need to have precise matching of the door opening, the drywall jambs and the bi-fold doors.

Sliding closet doors are also now affordable. They range from as low as $70 to $500. You can even consider the 8-foot tall mirrored version that span your floor to ceiling space. Buying them as part of your home improvement project will not break your budget.

Here are some mirrored doors that you can choose from.

Ramtrack Mirrored Sliding Closet Doors

Ramtrack mirrored doors have seamless edges that make the closet appears like a mirrored wall and not a closet. Their frames are also designed so that the edges of the mirrors are protected against cracking. These frames or profiles are available in 19 kinds of finishes that include ivory, gold, chrome, brass and white. They also have anti-jump mechanisms.

Sliding Door Company Mirrored Closet Doors

Doors from this manufacturer can be customized or can be ordered from their selection of products. The mirrors can be in ceiling to floor designs or can be in several panels and framed with wood or steel with various finishes.

Kestrel Mirror Closet Doors

Most Kestrel mirrored doors incorporate LEED features that maximize the green benefits of combining wood and mirror or glass. The mirrors are framed with premium solid hardwood and with accurate tenon joinery. There are also removeable trim models that allow switching between glass or mirror inserts. Kestrel can customize any door that matches the architectural style of your house, whether French, wooden, louvered or other louver combinations.

When choosing sliding mirrored doors, make sure they feature jump proof rolling mechanisms to ensure smooth rolling and prevent them from jumping off the tracks.

Source by Kevin Wynn