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Nowadays there is an enormous range of design options available to anyone remodelling their bathroom or even building a new one. Along with the selection of various bathroom fittings and furnishings is the new and attractive option of wall hung toilets and concealed cisterns.

The concealed cistern is becoming an increasingly popular choice with homeowners due to a number of purported benefits that it can bring to a bathroom. Unlike with a conventional toilet, the cistern is concealed from the naked eye, instead hidden behind a wall. Combined with a stylish wall mounted toilet bowl, it is not hard to understand the benefits of such an installation.

Firstly, a concealed cistern generally makes for relatively simple maintenance, despite the fact that it is hidden behind a wall. Access for any repairs happens through the flush plate, which is visible in the bathroom. Although the cistern is concealed, therefore, it is not difficult to reach in times of need.

One other major benefit of the concealed cistern is the reduced noise in the bathroom. This is because most of the sound created by the flushing of a wall hung toilet is concealed behind the wall, therefore minimising the volume inside the bathroom itself. This can provide a more pleasant experience for the homeowner who has this kind of toilet installed.

Another advantage of the concealed cistern and the wall hung toilet is that they generally make for a much more hygienic and easy-to-clean experience for the homeowner. This is due to the design of the toilet, which is suspended above the floor and therefore creates space for cleaning the floor and wall around the installation.

It is also true that the toilet itself is easier to clean. Smaller in size and with fewer nooks and crannies, the cleaning of the toilet bowl is relatively straight forward with its clearly exposed, wipe-cleanable sides. Both these factors make for more rapid cleaning as well as a more hygienic bathroom.

Concealed cisterns also boast considerable strength and durability, despite these qualities possibly seeming unlikely attributes of a toilet that is effectively ‘hanging’ off a wall. With the concealed cistern being able to bear up to 400kg in weight, with professional installation it can very easily support even the heaviest of individuals who use it.

There are also environmental advantages to using the wall hung toilet and a concealed cistern. This is because most flush plates have been designed with a dual-flush mechanism. This means that water is saved every time the toilet is used. Of course, the saving of water also brings financial benefits to the homeowner as well.

Despite all of these plus points, however, the perhaps most appreciated aspect of the wall mounted toilet and the concealed cistern is the fact that both of them are very easy on the eye. There are several factors which make the whole concept an extremely attractive option when designing and fitting a bathroom.

As mentioned before, as the cistern is placed in the interior of the wall, there is very little clutter in the actual bathroom itself. This makes for a much cleaner looking design in a bathroom with any unsightly pipes and toilet parts hidden from plain view.

In addition to this, there are number of attractive designs of wall hung toilets now on the market, including classic luxury styles and colourful and quirky options. The vast range now available allows for greater customisation options for a bathroom redesign or build, and means that homeowners can find something that is truly tailored to their taste and the ‘feel’ that they want to create.

This kind of toilet and concealed cistern are also perfect for anyone looking to create a modern and minimalist look in their home. The streamlined shape of the wall hung toilet can be a perfect addition to other contemporary features such as a frameless shower enclosure or wall hung sink.

There are several major benefits to installing a concealed cistern in a bathroom, ranging from the practical to the stylish. In all instances, consulting an expert in bathroom fittings is recommended to ensure that everyone is able to create a bathroom to fit their specific desires, requirements and tastes.

Source by G Lever